Testimonial #4

Alhumdulliallah! My son has been attending the Mini Muslim Club since it has opened. I just can't express enough how much my son enjoys going to Mini Muslims every week and looks forward to it. I feel this was the best decision that I made for him - he has excelled enormously. I just love the way when he finishes the club and the excitement and how he cannot wait to share the stories with me. By attending the club he has so much love for the deen, eager to perform salah, fasting and proudly saying "I am a Muslim" at school, which I feel I could have not achieved alone. I have always found the staff very friendly and approachable and great role models for the children.
I just canĀ“t find the words to express my gratitude. Jazak Allah for all the hard work MM has done with my son. Our duas are with you MM.

Proud parent