Monthly fee and payment

The standard fee for each child is £20 per month. Each additional child from the same family pays £10 per month.

Single parents or families struggling financially might be offered a discount if the club is able to do so. Please don’t let cost ever stand in the way of your child learning sacred knowledge.

Our very helpful finance manager will get back to you if you need help, please email:

Most members of our staff work with us on a voluntary basis. The monthly fees cover expenses like rent, purchasing resources, paying for staff child care etc.

Payment can be made in one of two ways:

1). A monthly standing order – this is the preferred way, we are moving towards becoming a ‘cashless club’, so please try to set this up.

2). By cash, payment is collected on the first Saturday of every month and is received by the Finance Team in the corridor leading to the club’s classrooms. You will be notified when fees are due to be collected via email.

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