Level Three

Level Three continues with learning about salah (prayer) in much more detail. Seerah Part Two is also delivered in Level Three, ending with the death of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The lives and characters of significant male and female companions around the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), starting with the four rightly guided khulafah, are then explored.

Level Three also entails memorisation of short hadiths, emphasising the importance of good character and manners. The children are given a practical project relating to each hadith, bringing it to life and thus offering light on how to implement it within their daily lives. The hadiths collection that the children study is the famous 'Content of Character’ by Shaykh Amin al Mazrui.

This hadith collection is completed at the club with the hope that the children will continue to learn about Islam after having graduated. The club offers a basis for children to develop their learning beyond the absolute essentials. It in no way claims to offer a complete Islamic education so we would like all the children to continue the beautiful journey of learning about Islam after the children graduate from the Mini Muslim Club. There are many programmes and courses in and around Oxford that the children can join after they finish at the club. Please ask one of the teachers for advice and information. Click here for community classes

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