Level One

Level One children are called, ‘Mini Muslims’.

The age of children in this level is 6-8. Parents applying for children above this age will need to get in touch via email to discuss.

All children enter at level one, and progress from there to the other levels.

Level One is centred around the study of Aqidah (Muslim Belief).

Students stay in level one for two years usually.

Level Two

Level Two children are called, ‘Muslim Stars'. The children will learn Seerah, the life of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). They will also study the basic rules of worship (Fiqh).

The children cover all the major events in Seerah in a very interactive manner using unique and creative teaching resources.

Bringing Seerah to life in such a manner brings much joy to the hearts of children and teachers alike and helps the children retain the significance of such events.

The age of children in this level is 8-9.

Level Three

Level Three children are called, ‘Muslim Lights’; they continue learning about Salah (prayer) and Seerah & then move onto studying Hadith and Contemporary Issues.

They graduate after spending two years in level three. The age of students in this level is 9-11.

The club offers a basis for children to develop their learning beyond the absolute essentials. It in no way claims to offer a complete Islamic education so we would like all the children to continue the beautiful journey of learning about Islam after the children graduate from the Mini Muslim Club.

Child Protection

All of our teachers are DBS checked and usually known by the community. Each classroom consists of a sufficient number of teachers and teaching assistants to ensure the safety of the children. Health and safety checks are regularly carried out and we try to ensure (with the help of Allah) that the children are in safe hands. Each teacher is also given Child Protection training and it is hoped that through this the children will be well protected from any harm, inshaAllah.