Testimonial #3

Alhumdulillah, sending my son to the Mini Muslim Club was one of the best decisions I ever made. MashAllah he started the club when he was 5 years old and attended for 3 years until he graduated at age 8.
Attending the club has been one of the highlights of his week. He has made lots of great friends and developed a good grounding in Islamic studies within a fun and supportive environment.
The formal studies are complimented with various club trips and events, which have included visits to The Sea Life Centre and The Living Rainforest. Sports days and archery sessions have given both positive and enjoyable learning experiences, whilst enabling the children to get closer to Allah through learning about His creation.
I have always found the staff to be friendly, approachable and supportive, Alhumdulillah. I believe they are excellent role models for the children. There is a real community feel to the club and in my experience, parental input and support is welcomed and actively promoted.
I would wholeheartedly recommend the club for parents who would like their children to gain a better understanding of their deen and who want to equip them with knowledge that will enable them to develop a positive Muslim identity, inshaAllah.

Proud parent